Gift Suggestions for the New Mom

When a woman is going to have a baby it is normal for friends and family to hold a baby shower for her. This way the new Mom ends up with a lot of items that the baby is going to need. The baby shower really is about the new babe. But what about Mom? Doesn’t she deserve something special too? After all she has gone through several months of pregnancy which has taken a real toll on her physically and mentally.


Sending a bouquet of flowers to the new Mom when she is in the hospital after delivery is a gift of tradition. This is not so common now. Many women end up going home on the same day of delivery or the next morning. There is no time spent in the hospital where she would get to enjoy the flowers. This is a little disappointing as flowers bring happiness with their fragrances and beautiful colours.

You can still give this gift and please the new Mom. You can have a standard arrangement of flowers delivered to the home so they are there when she arrives. Or, you can go with a more long lasting gift and purchase a flower gift that she can transplant in her garden. This is the type of gift that keeps on giving.

A Day to Herself

Another great gift would be a spa day gift certificate. Once the new Mother gets home and the baby has settled in after a week or two Mom is ready for some time to herself. Having a day at the Spa is just what she needs.

A Gift for Mom and Dad

A simple gift would be a gift certificate for Mom and Dad to use at their favourite restaurant, while you babysit. This is a gift that would be most appreciated.

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