Meaningful Gifts for the New Graduate

When a student finally hits that milestone in their life where they are no longer a student but now a graduate and ready to enter the working world, this is a significant time for them. Friends and family often like to recognize this occasion with a gift but are sometimes stymied as to what would be appropriate.

The young graduate most likely will not want any type of gift that is related to education, but at the same time they would appreciate something that will remind them of this great achievement for many years to come. One suggestion would be is to get a copy of their graduation picture. Have this blown up to a good size then nicely framed. This photo then becomes something that can be hung on the wall, instead of being stuffed into a photo album which ends up getting shoved away in a cabinet.

You may want to consider a piece of jewelry either for the young woman or young man. When choosing from this category remember that it should be something that will be appropriate when worn in the working atmosphere. This is the next journey in life that the young one will be embarking on.

Many students who have graduated have just completed several years of hard work that pertains to their learning. Before entering into the working world it would be nice to give them a break where they could enjoy themselves. As a gift idea you could consider some form of membership. Determine what the young person’s interests are then focus on a related gift. For example, if they enjoy golf then a membership at the local golf club would make a great gift.

You may want to think about pooling your money with other family members and paying for a short vacation for the young grad.

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